Some thoughts on the outcome of Super Bowl XLII

The one thought that I have had from Super Bowl XLII is how bad the New York media and fans have treated Eli Manning. All they did was put him down and call him out and he took it.
But now that that Eli Manning and the New York Giants have one Super Bowl 42 and Eli was named the MVP, they are praising him.

It is a sad state and those members of the media and fans should be ashamed of themselves. No one should have been treated that way.

And for Tiki Barber, glad you retired last year. You didn’t deserve to win a Super Bowl. You should also keep your mouth shut. They Giants and Manning have proved you wrong.

I am not a Giants fan and usually root against anything from New York, but this was a great story and a great Super Bowl that will be remembered as one for the ages.

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