VideoEgg Not Worth It

I had just listened to Leo Laporte’s radio show from September, show #385 (I know I am behind), and he spoke about VideoEgg.  He said that it would allow you to control which pages or sites that it could play on. So I tried it out.
It just didn’t cut it.  This service was no different than any of the others and it doesn’t come close to Vimeo.

VideoEgg limits your upload to 5 minutes or 100 mb.  At least YouTube allows you go up to 10 minutes.  Also, if you mark your video as private, people still can copy and embed your video on their site.  It doesn’t limit which site can play your video.

I was trying to find a service so I can post family videos and have them show up on my blog, but not allow people to copy the embed code and play it on other sites.  Well VideoEgg allows you to make a video private, but then it allows people to copy the embed code and put it on their site.

I use Vimeo now and really like it.  It has a lot more functionality than VideoEgg and I think a bigger network.  There are several levels of privacy and you can prevent people from downloading the original format if you want.

Vimeo provides a great way to  share original videos or just videos amongst family and friends.  Vimeo also allows for the uploading of HD Content, allows for albums, and even has channels.  It is a great service.

YouTube is YouTube and I probably won’t be putting anything else up on that site.

What I am looking for in a online video player is a player that does what Vimeo does and a just one thing more.  I would like it to restrict what pages a video can play on.  For example, I upload a video to Vimeo and then have a setting that prevents others from embedding the code on their website, but still allow people to see the video without being a contact or using a password.

Vimeo is a great service and worth the time to get an account.  Try it out, for me it is the best way to share video online.  You will like it!

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