“Diamonds v. Pearls” Student Blasts CNN (Updated With CNN Response)

Marc Ambinder (November 16, 2007) – “Diamonds v. Pearls” Student Blasts CNN (Updated With CNN Response)
Well CNN is throwing softballs and controlling debates these days.  Not a good thing for a media company to be doing.  It seems to me that they are censuring or controlling questions that can be asked.

The media should be there to provoke thought and discussion, not control what people are going to ask.  This question is ridiculous and should never have been asked.

CNN should know better.  They are now trying to blame the college student.  Yeah she submitted the question and who is not going to turn down a chance to be on national television.

They should have thrown that question out.  They need the public to ask the hard questions so we can get to the real issues and stances of the Presidential candidates.

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