DIA looking to ease security lines

9NEWS – Article – DIA looking to ease security lines
The problem is not the lines or the people in the lines, it is the people that are hired by the Transportation Security Administration  to watch the monitors and make sure that nothing bad is getting on.

Most of them are rude and have a power complex.  They have power over you.  They can make your life hell.

In one experience I had going through DIA security, there was a couple from Denver who spoke very little english and they were going on a visit to their former home in Bulgaria.

To try and communicate with them, the TSA person just spoke louder.  She never tried to slow down and speak calmly and try to understand where these people were coming from.  It was quite rude.

Another problem is the mismanagement of having the appropriate number of security lines open when the demand is there of people who are trying to get to their flights.  A couple weeks ago I was flying out and there were tremendous lines.  Thank goodness I am a premium flyer and could take the shorter line.

But I get up to the security checkpoint and they only have three of the lines open.  They could have had a couple more open and get people through.  But no.  They made people upset and I am sure some of them missed their flights because they were unable to get through the line in time.

I know the TSA Agents are under stress and are doing us a service in protecting those who fly.  But they need to have better service, be nice to those who are going through security, and manage the lines a lot better so people get through in a timely manner.

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