Why do we all still use Facebook? Facebook asked some users for their email passwords, because why not | Ars Technica

I am just becoming less and less interested in Facebook as they keep messing up and violating its users privacy.

Not only did they ask some users for their email passwords to download their contacts, they also stored millions of users passwords in clear text on their servers.

I would be interested in an alternative, but when they own Facebook, Instagram and Whats App, there is not much left.

I kinda like WordPress but I wish they would not share my posts on their site. There is not really a place to do that for our family things.

What do you think? Is Facebook done as a company? Why do we keep using them when they really don’t care about our privacy or online security because it makes them money?

I don’t know what to think of TSA

I just don’t know what to think of the transportation security administration. I travel a fair bit and have run into some nice agents who’ve been helpful, but more than not I’ve run into those that aren’t nice at all. Today was one of those days.
As I mentioned I travel a fair bit and I never take off my belt to go through security. Today a TSA agent was yelling at me to take off my belt before going through the metal detector.

I’ve never taken it off before, it’s never set off the alarm. Why do I have to take it off?

The only thing I can think of it is the security theater of the TSA. While we haven’t had an attack since they were formed, the process we go through is nothing more than a show.

If we are going to have security, let’s get serious about it. Otherwise let’s stop the show.

Don’t put two iPads in one bag …

Well don’t try to travel with two iPads and expect TSA not to freak out if you leave them in your bag. I did that tonight and they had to send my bag back through with those removed.
I usually just travel with one iPad for work but in this trip I have our family iPad also because the kids and I are heading out on a spring break trip. I need the one iPad for me and the other one to keep the kids entertained.

Well when I put my bag through they couldn’t see through it even though you don’t usually need to take it out.

The TSA agent was nice and got them through the scanner again and there were no problems.

I guess on our way back I need to pull them out so we don’t have any delays.

DIA looking to ease security lines

9NEWS – Article – DIA looking to ease security lines
The problem is not the lines or the people in the lines, it is the people that are hired by the Transportation Security Administration  to watch the monitors and make sure that nothing bad is getting on.

Most of them are rude and have a power complex.  They have power over you.  They can make your life hell.

In one experience I had going through DIA security, there was a couple from Denver who spoke very little english and they were going on a visit to their former home in Bulgaria.

To try and communicate with them, the TSA person just spoke louder.  She never tried to slow down and speak calmly and try to understand where these people were coming from.  It was quite rude. Continue reading “DIA looking to ease security lines”