Geno’s in Philadelphia

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Geno’s in Philadelphia, originally uploaded by Mile High Soapbox on Flickr.

This was a nice walk this afternoon.  I just headed down 9th Street from Market from my hotel and headed straight for Geno’s Steaks.

The neighborhood that I walked through was unique and good to see.  The curb market was also unique.  Coming from the west, it is something that we don’t have.

Of couse there was a line at Geno’s (and one at Pat’s).  But I was told to go to Geno’s, so I did.

I ordered, “Provolone with.” I got my Cheesesteak and headed for the next window to get my cheese fries and a diet coke.  I then added relish and Golden’s Mustard.

This was my first Cheesesteak and it was how I imagined it.  It was hot and it was delicious.

If you are in Philadelphia, you need to head down and go to Geno’s.  It does not get better than this.

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