Media Knows Nothing of Rockies and Coors Field

I am watching the TBS coverage of the Rockies-Phillies game tonight and listening to them, it appears that they do not know anything about the Rockies or Coors Field.
They keep calling it a home run ballpark, it is not.  It does not even fall into the top 5.  Citizen’s Bank Ballpark in Philadelphia is number 2 giving up almost three home runs per game.

Also the keep talking about the humidor effect.  Well the humidor is keeping the ball legal.  What they were finding in the dry climate of Colorado, the ball was shrinking out of specifications.  So they put the humidor in the ball is heavier, not as heavy, and within specifications set by Major League Baseball.

So when is the national media and east coast media going to give up the home run hitters ball park shadow that Coors Field has and finally give the Colorado Rockies the credit that they deserve.  Probably never.

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