Google Docs and Online Collaboration

I have been struggling with a way to develop an online collaboration solution for some work flow processes that we have.
What we have been doing lately is developing a newsletter and it has been hard to track what the status of everything is. Plus we have several authors and a couple editors working on a story.

And did I mention that the people working on these are located all over the country?

For this last edition, we tried using Basecamp to keep track of everything and it became too much for everyone. Only one of the people that I work with understands it and my supervisor gets real interested and excited about technology and he indulges me.

The others just don’t want anything to do with it. If it involves working outside of Microsoft Office products, then they are disinterested or complain.

For the next issue I am going to try and see if Google Docs will work better. I read about it in the 43Folders post, “gDocs and Apple would taste great together“. It didn’t make sense to me, but the video that Merlin had placed in the post made really good sense.

I think that this would help explain how it works and make sense for them. The problem is that my work blocks YouTube. Some stupid reason of wasting work time. But sometimes you need it to do your job. I will have to figure out how to show them so they can ‘all get it’.

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