Media Creates Circus Around O.J.

I just want to know what is happening with the media these days. The circus that was created today around the O.J. hearing and the mess following when he was released on bail.
The media these days is going for stories that many of us could care less about. I personally could care less about what O.J. did in Las Vegas.

Who also cares about what Britney is doing or not doing? Not me. This is not news that should be on the national stage. It may be in news that covers celebrities or Hollywood, but not CNN or MSNBC.

There is plenty of news that needs to be covered that is not being covered. What is happening with the mortgage crisis? What is happening in the Middle East? Why are oil prices going up? What is going on with climate change or the weather? Is it going to be a bad winter? There is a bunch more that is going on than Britney and O.J.

To give you an example of how bad it has gotten, I refer to the MSNBC coverage today of the O.J. hearing and being released from jail.

It started early this morning with coverage of the hearing and that O.J. would be allowed to set bail. Then for the next two to three hours, MSNBC was focused on the jail with a teaser that O.J. could be released at any minute. Two to three hours of that. Ridiculous!

Then when he was finally released, MSNBC had a helicopter in the air following the car all-the-way to the Palms hotel. Not only did they have a helicopter, they had a suburban following with a camera on top that was live via broadband. It was the Chase II.

Then later in the day, MSNBC was doing a story on how the media was covering this issue and all the clowns that are camped out in front of the jail/courthouse. They were praising themselves and making fun of themselves at the same time.

To make matters worse, ESPN is covering the story and even reporting who was with him on his flight back to Florida and what seat he was sitting in. Why do I need to know this?

Take a look at what some other bloggers are saying:

Hello, MSM & New Media? Don’t Bother Me With OJ, Britney, Lindsay, or the Rest of these Troubled People, I Speak of Dreams

Thank You O. J. Simpson from a Silver Spring Real Estate Agent, The Silver Bee

And a response for Proud To Be Canadian post by Joel Johannesen, Those Americans sure are dumb, eh?, We are all not dumb. I think the dumb ones are the people who program this junk, including your state run TV. You have a state run TV, but our privately run media can’t do it much better or worse.

I think we need to leave it up to the independent media and bloggers to get real news and media out there. I can care less about O.J., Britney, and others. I want real and substantial news.

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