At my high school reunion…

Well, I took the big plunge this weekend and headed to my high school reunion to see everyone. I can’t believe that it has been 20 years since we all graduated from high school, East Union High School in Manteca, Calif., class of 1987.
It began as a fun evening at a local brew pub in Manteca at Kelley Brothers Brewing Company. The company was great and the band that was playing was incredible, it helped also that one of our fellow graduates was playing also, but the beer was horrible.

The red was the worst of all. It just tasted awful. The wheat was a little better, but not much. The stout was ok and the porter was ok. They just need a lot of work.

The next evening was the big night and we all gathered at the Wilbur House. I didn’t know where this was, but it was made easy to find and it ended up being a wonderful evening. I got to visit with a lot of people and it was nice to see everyone. We all have grown quite a bit since we were in high school and it is good to see how successful everyone is.

We finished up this afternoon at a picnic at Northgate Park for the entire family. The previous two evenings were just adults. This was fun and a relaxing afternoon. It was nice just to keep relaxing and enjoy each others company. The kids definitely had fun playing on the inflatable obstacle course.

I just want to thank the organizing committee for putting all this together and the time the spent. It was definitely well worth it for all of us who attended. It was sure good to see everyone again.

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