Newspapers Don’t Get It – Harsh On Google Indexing

In an article that appeared on the weekend edition of CNet’s website, newspaper publisher’s are harshing on Google wondering why they are getting a free ride.
Last month in a speech at Stanford University, the Tribune Co’s new owner wanted to know, “If all of the newspapers in America did not allow Google to steal their content, how profitable would Google be?”

But the problem is that newspapers get about 25% of their traffic from search engines. If they start trying to get compensated for this coverage, then they will lose viewership and revenue.

Basically, if someone can’t find you on Google, then you don’t exist on the web. Whether that is right or wrong, it is the truth.

When I search news stories on the Internet, I am searching for specific stories. If I can’t find them, then they don’t exist. It would be best for them to let Google index them and make them available so I can find them.

That increases views and that increases their ad revenue.

The newspaper business is changing from a paper based model to a mixed paper and electronic and will soon be all-electronic.

If they don’t adapt and move towards new ad revenues, then they won’t be around. And that would be a bad thing.

Now don’t get me started on subscription based newspaper websites. I think that they are stupid. More soon.

Read the entire CNET story: “Newspapers want Google News’ quarter

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