Verizon Wireless, please stop placing apps on my Blackberry!

I am getting quite tired of Verizon Wireless just adding apps to my Blackberry. I paid for the Blackberry and my service and I control what goes on this device.
These apps just keep showing up and I have no clue what they are or what they are for. The latest was for VCast apps. What? I don’t even have VCast.

Also I can’t delete them. All I can do is hide them.

Verizon Wireless please fix this now!

BlackBerry service falters in North America

The Denver Post – BlackBerry service falters in N. America
This was quite inconvenient today. It is amazing how dependent I have become to my Blackberry, especially today.

It was down for me from about 1:15 PM to about 6 PM and drove me crazy because I was dealing with several media issues that I needed to be communicating with my office in Washington, D.C., Denver, and our office in Loveland and I was on the road going to an media interview.

To make matters worse, Verizon was quite slow in coming back online following when RIM got their part back online. More inconvenience. Thanks Verizon.

I just wish that RIM wouldn’t have these outages and they should work on a backup system so they have some redundancy built in. People are becoming more dependent on their Blackberry for communication, especially in emergency situations.