I am a TWIT too!

I like and listen to several of the podcasts that are on twit.tv by Leo Laporte. They are informative, entertaining, and are a great community. I feel that I know many of the people that are on the various podcasts that I listen to.
Well ringtonefeeder has developed a video and has posted it on YouTube and has captured most of what being a TWIT is. Take a look and enjoy.

Thanks to @JasonCalacanis on Twitter for sharing this.

net@nite Coming Back

Yeah!  net@nite is coming back.
Thanks Amber and Leo for bringing this netcast back.  It is a wonderful to listen to you and Amber talk about their favorite web picks.

I don’t mind that it is not going to be live because I never was able to listen to it live.

Thanks and I look forward to it coming back. net@nite is one of my favorite netcasts.