Washington Park Grille delivers good food and experience

I have found a new restaurant in Denver that is now on my favorites list and it is the Washington Park Grille.
My first experience was a couple months ago during restaurant week in Denver with my wife.  We had a nice dinner, the food was wonderful, and the service top class.  The steak and wine were perfect.  We went on a Wednesday night and when we left the restaurant was still hoping and the bar was overflowing.

The second time I went was last Thursday for Project Angel Heart during lunch.  I went with some co-workers and most of us had been there before.  This time I had the buffalo meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and asparagus. It was wonderful.

This is a great restaurant in a great part of Denver.  They have great service, great food, great wine, and look like they have great martini’s.

The only drawback is parking.  There is not that much of it with the several restaurants and shops around on Gaylord Street.  Added to the problem is that residential streets in the area have restrictions on them that require a permit to park in the evenings.

The only saving grace is that they have valet parking on Thursday through Saturday evenings.

Reservations are recommended. You can even make a reservation online through OpenTable.

If you want a really good, casual dinner with your loved one or friends, head to the Washington Park Grille. It is a great neighborhood gathering place that you will want to keep coming back to.

Anniversary of 2006 Blizzard

Today marks the first annivesary of the first of two blizzards to hit Denver over Christmas last year.  It was plain nasty around here.
I had to pick my sister in-law up from the airport.  It just started to snow on my way there.  It took me 30 minutes to get to the airport and two hours to get home.  It was not a fun day.

The forecast for this year, warm near 50 degrees.  The next chance for snow is tomorrow and it is only for a couple of inches.

We need snow here in Denver, I am just hoping that we don’t get 30+ inches at one time.

Snow, Snow, and More Snow

Well winter is finally upon us this year in the Mile High City. We had several inches of snow last Saturday and more snow last night and today.  The commute this morning and evening was crazy.  It took about three times as long to get anywhere.  Tomorrow morning may not be better.
And there is more snow coming.  There is another storm coming on Friday and we are expected to get another one to three inches then.

Tonight was quite fun when I got home with the kids.  My son came out with me and we shoveled the steps and the sidewalk together.  He was having a lot of fun shoveling the snow with daddy.  He did a good job, but a couple times he would turn to shovel the snow and would flip around and land back on the sidewalk.

But that didn’t matter.   It was good to do something fun with him

Denver Screws up Voting…Again

The Denver Post – Shortages added up to slow vote tally
I am glad that I don’t live in the City and County of Denver. They can’t seem to get votes right, one of our most basic rights as a citizen of the United States.

Last year they had to keep voting locations open several hours longer because of computer problems. This year they are blaming it on a lack of people to count the votes, and those who were charged to count left and went home early.

In an article in the Denver Post, “The 30 workers in charge of preparing ballots to be run through vote- count machines went home around 8:30 p.m. instead of working to sometime between 10 p.m. and midnight as elections planners had expected.”

To help get the job done, they brought in police officers to help finish the count.

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Randolph’s Restaurant and Bar, A Great Restaurant in a Hotel

Randolph’s Restaurant and Bar is a great, I will say almost unknown, restaurant just east of downtown at 18th and Grant.
We found this restaurant as part of Denver Restaurant Week. I spoke about it in an earlier post.

It was a great place and we were treated well from the moment we walked in the door. The hostess was nice and helpful in taking coats and giving us an option on a couple seating locations.

The atmosphere was quiet and pleasant, giving my wife and I ample opportunity to have some wonderful conversations without the kids around.

The waiter was quite helpful in helping us choose from the special Denver Restaurant Week menu and they had a wonderful wine selection. My wife and I agreed upon the featured Jean-Luc Colombo Syrah. It was delicious.

My wife had the Trout Patè, Moneybags, and Chocolate Lava Cake. I had the Classic Caesar Salad, Beef Shoulder wrapped in Bacon, and the Chocolate Lava Cake. It was all delicious. The Beef Shoulder was appropriately tender.

The Beef Shoulder came with a spinach creme brulee which I was a little nervous about, but shouldn’t have been. It was as delicious as everything else.

The Randolph Restaurant and Bar is located in the lobby of the Warwick Denver Hotel, named after the William Randolph Herst who commissioned the first Warwick Hotel in Denver. But many people are afraid of restaurants that are in hotels, but you shouldn’t be with this one. It was an all-around pleasent experience.

We will definitely be back. We took a look at their regular menu and there were several things that looked good. And they also had a wonderful patio that looked west toward the skyline of Downtown Denver. If you are downtown, this would be a great place to head for Happy Hour.

Enjoy your visit to Randolph Restaurant and Bar.

Denver Restaurant Week

Well the annual Denver Restaurant Week is now on and it is a great opportunity to head out and try a new restaurant in Denver.
Denver Restaurant Week is a annual event presented by the Denver Visitor and Convention Bureau to promote restaurants in the metro Denver Area.

Local restaurants put together a special menu for two and give you three courses for $52.80.  It is an excellent opportunity to get out and try a new restaurant in this wonderful town.  It runs through March 2.