Recession? No! Economy grows by .6%

Despite popular discussion, we are not in a recession, the economy grew by 0.6% in the first quarter of this year. This is the same growth that occurred in the fourth quarter of last year.
The economy is limping along, mainly being pulled down by the housing and credit markets, but it still grew.

I think the media needs to stop the gloom and doom. The keep putting the “R” word out there when it is not really a recession.

So what is a recession. I have found two relevant definitions of what a recession is. Continue reading “Recession? No! Economy grows by .6%”

In Zimbabwe Jail: A Reporter’s Ordeal

In Zimbabwe Jail: A Reporter’s Ordeal – New York Times
This is a really good article about the oppression, violence, torture and craziness of what is happening in Zimbabwe.  It is really just sad what Robert Mubabe has done to this country.

Barry Bearak was covering the presidential election in Zimbabwe for the New York Times when he was arrested for “committing journalism.”  The story follows his experiences through the process in jail, being freed, being re-arrested, and then escaping the country.

The main thing now is what is going to happen with the election.  The final results have not been announced and they are doing a recount.  The opposition is being beaten, arrested, and/or murdered.  But it is a pretty good bet that Mugabe did not win the election.

Let’s hope that this repressive government leaves soon, but it is doubtful.  They will probably come up with something to keep them in office.  We all know that recount is a scam.

There are good people in this country, but one tyrant is suppressing and scaring a country so he can remain as the President.

Thanks Barry Bearak for the great article.

Joking students called on the carpet, The Monthly Bag deemed threatening

Joking students called on the carpet – The Denver Post
The students, staff, and leadership at Colorado College need to get a clue, a life, and a sense of humor. The students who wrote “The Monthly Bag” were just trying to raise awareness and do a parody of a publication, “The Monthly Rag.”

“The Monthly Rag” is a feminist publication by the feminist and gender studies program at Colorado College had a discussion on feminist pornography, information on gender-bending practices, and a tidbit about a myth involving male castration.

“The Monthly Bag” was the parody publication that discussed chainsaw etiquette, different sexual positions from Men’s Health Magazine, and trivia about a sniper rifle. Staff from Colorado College started removing copies of the “The Monthly Bag” soon after it was published because the received reports that it was threatening. Continue reading “Joking students called on the carpet, The Monthly Bag deemed threatening”

Blogging a stressful lifestyle, people need to lighten up

Well people are starting to realize and see that blogging and trying to get the views and clicks is causing a lot of problems for people.
In a story in the New York Times, In Web World of 24/7 Stress, Writers Blog Until They Drop, the stress is getting to people who blog and try to get ahead.  It has even taken the life of two bloggers.

I just need to say no job is worth that much.  You need to have a balance so there is a break for people so that they can relax and have fun.  Sitting at a computer 24/7 is not healthy and will cause you to leave this earth a lot earlier than you should.

As an employer, they bear some of the responsibility in this.  They should be working to take care of the people that are making them loads of money.  If they don’t, they are greedy little bastards and their blogs should not be read.

That is why I don’t read Gizmodo.  The stupid stunt they pulled during CES was just wrong.  That is just plain wrong.  But they are some of the worst offenders by paying writers based upon how many views their posts get.

Some sanity needs to come into this, otherwise people will burn out, the blog owners will lose good writers, and then they will lose revenue.

Boulder woman ticketed for dyeing her poodle pink

Boulder woman ticketed for dyeing her poodle pink:The Rocky Mountain News
This is just nuts and would only happen in the People’s Republic of Boulder. This is a community that allowed someone to steal property from someone else because those landowners were not around to stop it.

The People’s Republic seems more intent showing that they have power and will use it than using common sense in carrying out there jobs. Now someone has to waste their own time and city has to waste the courts time in deciding on this issue.

A women is using beet juice and sometimes kool-aid to dye the dog’s hair. The dog is not having a reaction to it.

Common sense needs to prevail in this issue and the court needs to throw it out. Maybe they should personally charge the humane society for the wasted time of the court also.

Gawker tells the Church of Scientology to Stuff it

Gawker Media received a take down notice from the Church of Scientology for two videos it is showing that are used to indoctrinate people into Scientology.
The videos came to life when Andrew Morton wrote the unauthorized biography of Tom Cruise. The videos show Cruise talking excitedly about Scientology.

When you’re a Scientologist, and you drive by an accident, you know you have to do something about it, because you know you’re the only one who can really help…

Scientology is known to be litigious, so journalists have been said to shy away from being critical of this so-called religion. But Gawker stood up to them and told them they are covering this as a news story in the pubic interest and they would not be removing the videos.

The videos were previously posted on Google Video, YouTube, and other video sites.

This video is down right scary. How this can be classified as a religion and have tax-exempt status is beyond me. I think Germany got it right in seeking to ban Scientology.

160 people fail to show up for jury duty

9NEWS – Article – RSS – Apologies flooding in following jury duty roundup
To all the lame people who failed to show up for jury duty in Greeley:

I can’t believe it.  It is your civic duty to show up for jury duty.  If you don’t show up, you better have a good reason.

As the article implies, the weather was fine.  So no “Too much snow!” excuses.

Because you were selfish, many more people were inconvenienced when they were taken off the street to fill your place.  People who were going about their business were then served and had to immediately report.

People should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  Shame on you!

Behind the scenes with Katie Couric

I saw this video and watched it. It is video of Katie Couric behind the scenes and the interaction between Katie and everyone it takes to put on CBS Evening News.
A lot of people are being critical of her, but to me this is not bad. It shows the confusion and work that goes into putting on a major news show. Sometimes you just need to liven things up.

Take a look:

What do you think?

Neumann to return deposits, finish some homes

Neumann to return deposits, finish some homes —
This is definitely good news for those of us who live in a Neumann neighborhood.  In our neighborhood there are a few homes that were started that were not finished.  There was no home that was not started.

I have seen activity around the homes that were almost done.  It will be nice to see them finished off.  Hopefully it is not too late and they won’t have to tear any of them down.

There are also a lot of workman working at the model home/sales office.  They are removing the last signs of it being an office.

It will be nice to see them done with construction.  Hopefully the spec homes that have not been sold get sold.