Where’s That Energy Bill? – New York Times

Where’s That Energy Bill? – New York Times
This is a great editorial from the New York Times. This was a highly anticipated bill, but it has fallen into some hidden office in the Capital.

Since the oil prices are going through the roof and the public has an increased awareness of energy issues, it would be the perfect time for Congress to take action.

But Congress is more divided than they ever have been in their history. It used to be the different sides of the aisle would fight on the floor of the House or Senate, but they respected each other to sit down out of the public eye and would work out a solution that everyone could handle.

But because they can’t get along, Americans will suffer.

We will not have solutions to the energy crisis that we are facing now. America needs to take action and the table is set for Congress to take action. But they are choosing to fight on the playground instead of coming home and sitting down and having dinner.

Penn and Teller – The Truth of Bottled Water

This is a great reason why you shouldn’t drink bottled water. There is no difference and it is not safer or cleaner than tap water. In fact, most of the bottled water is coming from tap water.
Most of the major bottlers of water are now going to list where they get the water, Aquafina is one of them. See this story that was on Today,
Is your bottled water coming from a faucet?

Here is the Penn and Teller video on bottled water:

This does not take into account the plastic bottles that never ever get recycled.

The Denver Post – Credit-card hitch at pump

The Denver Post – Credit-card hitch at pump
Credit Card companies have a policy in place that limits the amount that you can purchase with a credit card at the pump.

Since the price of gas is going through the roof, coming down a little now, many more people are hitting those limits.  I haven’t personally hit that limit and I am paying  more than $50 for a tank of gas. Continue reading “The Denver Post – Credit-card hitch at pump”

Traffic.com Not Really User Friendly

Traffic.com Email Screen Shot
I use Traffic.com sparingly to get notified of traffic problems on my way to or from work.

The reason I use it sparingly is that it doesn’t really tell me where the problem is. It only shows that there are “incidents” and what the delay in the drive time will be. That is it. (see screen shot to the left.)

It would be so much more helpful if they would show what the incidents are, where they are, and when they will be cleared up. Continue reading “Traffic.com Not Really User Friendly”

Fuel Discounts Return, Yeah!

Up until this fall, Safeway and King Soopers provided a fuel discount at their gas stations depending on how much you spent in their grocery store.
But, when two west slope gas distributors filed a lawsuit saying that if violated a state law for selling something below cost and hurting competition. A judge agreed and ruled what Safeway and King Soopers were doing as illegal, and they stopped.

But, the state legislature came through and Governor Ritter signed the bill and the gas discounts are back.

At Safeway, with a club card, you get $.03 per gallon, but if you spend $50 in the store, you get $.10 off per gallon. At King Soopers has yet to announce their plan.
You can read more on the 9News website.

The Year Without Toilet Paper

In looking around the New York Times website today I found this story, The Year Without Toilet Paper.
The premise of the story is that this family is living a year in New York doing their best to not have an impact on the earth. No trash, nothing grown outside a 250-mile radius of Manhattan, not using the elevator, nothing that uses fossil fuels, or toilet paper.

This is an interesting idea and experiment for a book, but this is something that I couldn’t do. These days it would be pretty hard to do this, especially with my wife.

I am not meaning that we are not doing our part to reduce our footprint. We drive a hybrid, we have replaced most of our light bulbs with compact flourescent bulbs, walk to the grocery store when I can, and try to recycle as much as we can.

But I couldn’t live without toilet paper.

Scott Wells on his blog Boys in the Band has a pretty good point in his blog post, Make some impact, effectively,:

Look at your checkbook. It should be pretty easy to pick out the parts of your life that deserve an sustainability and environmental audit. Let’s say housing and property maintainance, electricity and fuel, transportation, food, medical and health care and charitable giving.

I think all of us should look at how we are impacting the world and do our part to reduce our impact and footprint. We should do what is best for ourself and our family.

I wish Beavan and Conlin well. And I will be looking for the book and documentary when they come out. You can follow their year at noimpactman.com.

Schools Brainwashing Kids?

In Vermont and probably around the country, schools are studying climate change and global warning. But are they studying the science or are they studying popular culture?
According to a an article in the Burlington Free Press, “Global Warming in Schools“, students are testifying before the legislature about global warming, watching An Inconvenient Truth” and “Too Hot to Handle“, and putting on plays.

The problem is that they are only pushing one side of the issue. By pushing one side of the issue they are misleading students and they are brainwashing them to one side of the story. Students need to be presented with both sides of the story or issue and stimulate discussion, more research, and let them form their own opinion.

Also, students should receive good science and information. Not propaganda for one-side of the issue. By showing two controversial movies that exaggerate the issues and make false statements and not the other side that gives information to provide balance, goes further than schools should go.

Now, to fully disclose my standpoint on this issue to be fair. I feel that the climate is changing and humans may be influencing it. But the sky is not falling. We need to do what we can to reduce our use of fossil fuels and greenhouse gases. But we need to study it and use good science.

Schools need to be teaching our students and provoking thought. Not present one side of the issue and ignore the other. The best teachers that I had in school made me think about an issue and fully investigate that issue, form my own opinion, and then write and/or discuss it. This is not happening in Vermont and who knows where else.

Schools, get off your ivory tower and teach our children appropriately.