What is up with Comcast

I am wondering why everyone is having problems with the change to an earlier daylight savings time. This change was solidified a couple of years ago with the Energy Policy Act of 2005.
Well Comcast seems to be having problems. I have a HD DVR through Comcast and all of the scheduled recordings are recording an hour earlier. So instead of CBS Sunday Morning, I got some kids cartoon.

Give me a break Comcast. You have had two years to get this fixed and you still couldn’t do it. You may have sent out patches, but if they don’t make it to everyones DVR or they don’t work, then you have a problem and you failed.

As of now I have had no other problems and everything is working fine, including my computers. It is amazing in 2007 that we are still having these problems.

One Reply to “What is up with Comcast”

  1. Well after speaking with Comcast this morning they told me that they had issued a patch, but that it probably didn’t make it out to all the units yet. They had me reboot the DVR and it worked.
    It would have been nice if I didn’t have to reboot, but I did and it is working fine now.


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