My packages are having some good trips trying to find their way to Colorado

I think the US Potal Service is losing its since of geography. I’ve had two issues with deliveries going all over the globe without being delivered to me in Colorado. 

The first one was ordered in mid-July for a gift. It’s was ordered from an entity in London but shipped at the end of the month from Stockholm.  

It made it to San Francisco on August 9 and was scanned a few times in Burlingame and SF through August 18. It was scanned in Los Angeles on August 19 before being scanned in Stockholm again on August 24. It is back in the United States now after being scanned in New York City on August 26. It made it across the Hudson today to Teterboro, NJ. 

Another package that we ordered shipped from Memphis on August 19 but the USPS thought it should go to Guam where it was scanned on August 24. It made it to Hawaii on August 26 where it remains today. 

Hope my packages are having fun and will someday make it to Colorado. 

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