iOS Podcasts App not quite ready

Editor’s note: After I posted this today, I just found out that Apple had just released version 1.0.1 of the Podcast app that is supposed to address many of the problems that I am having. I’ll be testing it out soon and see how it does.
After WWDC in June I downloaded the new iOS app for podcasts on my iPhone. But after just over a month I have deleted it and will be waiting for an update when iOS 6.

After managing the various podcasts I listen to in iTunes I thought the Podcast app would help save me time and effort in getting new episodes on my iPhone, but that wasn’t the case.

It started out great. When I first installed the app the Podcast app imported my podcasts from iTunes and it was already to go. I made some adjustments to how many I wanted to keep and it was ready to go.

I would open it in the morning before leaving for work and it would download the newest podcasts and I would be set for the day.

But that didn’t last long.

I could never really get my settings to work in the app. Sometimes it would download the podcasts and sometimes it wouldn’t. But most of the time it just would hang up and lock up.

So I’d reset my iPhone and we’d be good for a little bit. But I’d have to re-download all the podcasts that I had already downloaded. Not fun or efficient. Once I download it, it should be good.

My patience finally broke this week when it locked up and I couldn’t get it to work unless I rebooted the device. I just didn’t want to fight it anymore.

I know this is a beta app, but this is one beta app that needs more time in the oven. I just hope the app as rumored in iOS 6 is a lot better than this version of the app.


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