Another wonderful find in Wash Park – Devil’s Food Bakery

I had a morning business meeting yesterday and since they were staying near near DU I thought Wash Park would be a good place to meet and what came to mind was Devil’s Food Bakery.
I had found this place after walking around the neighborhood following another fabulous meal at the Washington Park Grille.

This place lived up to their reviews and their website. The breakfast was wonderful.  I had a scramble with fresh mozzarela, tomatoes, and bacon. It also came with homemade bread from the bakery, sausage, and potatoes.

The breakfast was more than enough.

They also have many more interesting things on their menu that I want to go back and try.

One more benefit of Devil’s Food Bakery is that it is a cell free zone. No cell phone use. We were at a business meeting and neither of us were disturbed by our cell phones or people talking on their cell phones at other tables.

Even though I live in Westminster, Wash Park is one of the favorite hang outs for my wife and I.

If you are near Wash Park, pop in to the Devil’s Food Bakery for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or one of their wonderful looking pastries.

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