Ling & Louie’s a great place to eat in Northfield @ Stapleton

My wife and I headed out for a nice dinner before we went to the Denver Improv at Northfield @ Stapleton and we didn’t quite know where to go. We found Ling & Louie’s and it was a great choice.
We started our evening with the potstickers and crab wontons. The potstickers were quite tasty and the sauce that came with them really brought out the flavors. I particularly liked the crab wontons. Unlike crab wontons served at other restaurants, this included lump crab meat and no fillers. Thumbs up on both of them.

For my entree I got Ling’s Sweet and Sour Pork dish. This was quite fresh and tasty. The peppers and pineapple were quite fresh and were diced into small pieces, unlike other places that have big chunks of pepper and pineapple from a can. It was fresh pineapple. The dish also had a good bite, a little bit spicy.

My wife had the Evil Jungle Princess Chicken and she fell in love with this dish. Granted, she likes anything in a peanut sauce. But it had a lot of flavor and the vegetables that came with it were also fresh. Now this item was listed as spicy dish, but we found it not to be that spicy at all.

In fact, we found the Ling’s Sweet and Sour Pork dish to be spicier than than the Evil Jungle Princess Chicken dish. For other menu items, check with your wait staff to see if they are spicy or not.

The only thing that we were disappointed in was that the beer selection was not that extensive. I would like to see a better selection of beer. But they have a full beverage menu, full bar, and a good selection of wine.

If you are looking for a good place to eat in the Northfield @ Stapleton area look to Ling & Louie’s. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Read my review of this restaurant in Yelp.

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