University of Idaho researcher faces deportation back to Poland

Local News | UI researcher faces deportation back to Poland | Seattle Times Newspaper
I just want to say that this is the most stupid things that I have heard of. A Univesity of Idaho researcher who is studying bioterrorism defenses for the FBI was denied citizenship because she illegally worked for 8 months because the immigration and Naturalization Service didn’t like the photo she submitted.

This is horrible, wrong, and many other things including expletives.

Not only is it affecting her, it is affecting her husband and their son.  Her husband is researching ways to fight diseases such as AIDS, can longer receive grants to do that work.

Their son is stuck because he can no longer receive tuition reimbursement from his work so he can’t go to college.

The kicker is that they weren’t doing anything wrong. They were playing by the rules and doing everything you were supposed to do.  Where they got into trouble is that the INS didn’t like the photos that she submitted, so it delayed her annual work permit.

When they finally got a photo they liked, her annual permit had expired.  She ended up working eight months without a permit.  She tried to do the right thing and checked, but got some bad advice.

This is just plain stupid and wrong.  Our country is and Immigration and Naturalization Service is wrong.

The INS is a horrible organization.  There are many people who have come here illegally and they do nothing.  But a family who is doing everything by the book and doing tremendous research to help this country and the world is denied citizenship and shipped home because the INS didn’t like her photo is wrong and needs to be corrected.

No wonder immigration is screwed up in this country.  Something needs to be fixed and fixed now!

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