Casa Bonita: Never, ever again!

Tonight we went to Casa Bonita in Lakewood, Colorado, with friends for dinner and a fun evening. Never, ever again.
The food is horrible, bland Mexican food that is full of processed cheese and other unreconizable items.  I think it was chicken.  They are known for the soapapillas, but they were just ok.  Did I mention that it is served cafeteria style?

Don’t get the all you can eat meal. They have them sitting out and just hand them to you. Order something on the menu. At least they have to make it somewhere for you.

I guess Casa Bonita is known for their entertainment, but the cliff divers, shows that push people into the water, and magic show was quite cheesy.  I don’t think there was a video game in the arcade that was not at least 30 years old.

They even had a pinata hitting for kids who were having birthday parties there. But the pinata didn’t even have candy in them.  The employee pulled out a basket and threw the candy on the floor.

I think the kids had fun, but we won’t be going back.  It is quite a rip-off.  Save your money and time if you can.

One Reply to “Casa Bonita: Never, ever again!”

  1. Casa Bonita used to be better…back in the day (5 years ago). It’s been going downhill pretty quickly…will be out of business in a few years, and that’ll be a sad day.


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