Burma – the Junta should be charged with crimes against

The rejection of aid by Burmese government should be a sign and trigger that the Burmese government leaders should be charged with crimes against humanity.
They are knowingly killing people and no one can do anything about it. It is just sad.

The world community should do whatever they can to get these killers out of there.

Who can do that? China.

They are the only country that has a slimmer of influence over them. But will that happen? I doubt it.

You can see China’s influence on Sudan and their repression of Tibet. They could care less and also don’t care what happens to people, especially in countries where they carry a significant amount of

China wants to be a world power and influencer in the world, they should begin to act like it.

Right now, let’s hope the military junta comes to their senses and begins to let in aid to help the hundreds of thousands of people who need it.

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