Nationals Stadium a hit

I would like to say that Nationals Stadium, home to the Washington Nationals, is a hit with me. It is a really nice ballpark.
It is easy to get to on the metro. In fact, I don’t know why anyone would want to get their any other way. It is that easy. There are some parking garages right next to the stadium and they weren’t even full. Now I don’t know what they were charging though.

Some suggestions in just my first look and experiences.

  • They need more ways to sell tickets to the walk-up crowd. They had all their windows open plus some stand-alone kiosks and it took quite a while to get through the line. Also have attendants at the stand-alone kiosks. There were some problems (tickets not printing) and there was no one to help the people who had a problem.
  • There is a lack of concession stands. Wherever there was food or beer for sale, there was a line. But there were many places that they could have included concessions or had portable carts, but they just were there. The lines were long and I missed part of the game waiting. They can improve that.
  • Install more escalators or stairs to get up to the upper levels. The ramp set up to get to the upper decks just does cut it. It takes too long to walk up. Put in stairs or more escalators. Help fans get to their seats.
  • Get better hot dogs. The ones you are serving are worthless. They are too small and I don’t have options to add anything on them. Get me a foot long. That is a real dog.
  • Have more beer options and selections than just Budweiser, Bud Light, Miller Light, and Miller Genuine Draft. I found only one place that had good beer, but that was only Fosters and Blue Moon. You need to cater to people who appreciate good beer, not that flavored water. Plus $7.50 for a MGD? I can get 20 ounces in Colorado for what I paid for 12 at Nationals Stadium.

That is it. I think that it is a great place to watch a game, the staff is friendly and there are great sitelines. I just hope the Washington Nationals start playing better.

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