Upgrade to WordPress 2.5 complete

Well I finally completed my upgrade to WordPress 2.5 and I am liking it quite a bit. I had planned on doing this while I was gone, but just did not have the time.
I am finding that I like this new version quite a bit and it is refreshing over the previous version. I had found that it had become quite tired.

I am looking forward to more updates and other interesting things from the folks who develop WordPress.

2 Replies to “Upgrade to WordPress 2.5 complete”

  1. So what are some of the biggest benefits of hosting your own version of WordPress? What does it provide to your blog that other sites like livejournal.com or blogger.com don’t give you?I’m just wondering.


  2. I feel that I have more control over what I do. It is completely customizable.
    I can add plugins, functionality, tweek the CSS of the templates, play with the php of the templates, etc. Completely customizable.
    If I went with the other products, I get stuck with their limited options. For example, on WordPress.com, if I want to customize CSS, I have to pay. If I want a plugin that they don’t offer, I have to pay.
    Does that help?


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