Stephen Colbert’s Portrait Garnering Great Attention

Well the National Portrait Gallery has garnered great attention lately by placing a photo of Stephen Colbert in the National Portrait Gallery. According to the Smithsonian, Colbert wanted his portrait to hang in the National Portrait Gallery.
After much thought and contemplation, they found an appropriate site to place the portrait, between two bathrooms and above a water fountain. I think it was appropriate.

Stephen Colbert's Portrait

It is amazing what attention this portrait is garnering. Throughout my stay at the National Portrait Gallery, I walked through most of the exhibition and it was quite enjoyable. All of the artwork is excellent and they have some wonderful exhibits that are there.

But the one portrait that is garnering the most attention is the portrait of Colbert. When I first went up to the second floor I saw this big crowd standing near the portraits of the Presidents. I thought this was a group touring the Portrait Gallery and American Art Museum and I went the other way.

Well, it wasn’t a group. It was a large crowd, that all look like they are in college, waiting to get the photo and look at the portrait of Colbert. It has certainly brought a lot of people to the museum who probably wouldn’t have come to visit. It is bringing in a lot of publicity and I think it was a good call to post the portrait.

Stephen Colbert's Portrait

So if you are in Washington, D.C., take some time and go enjoy the National Portrait Gallery and American Art Museum. And the portrait of Stephen Colbert.

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