Thoughts I had today on my flight

I am traveling for work and had a few thoughts.
My first one is to never sit in the row just in front of the exit row.
That row doesn’t recline and the person in front of me reclined their
seat into my face. To make matters worse, the guy is only 5′ 6″ and is
lounging in his chair like he is sitting in his recliner at home.

That brings me to my second thought. Seats should not recline in coach
on flights. The rows are already narrow enough, don’t make them

The next thing is that Denver International Airport has Clear, the
pre-screen option that allow travelers who pay $128 can get a background
check and be able to speed through the security. One thing, I don’t see
the need. I am a Ascent member on Frontier and it allows me to bypass
most of the line. That is all I need. Why do I pay? From what I saw, it
was only to pay the Fly Clear employees to staff the Fly Clear scanning
machine. Now if one of my frequent flyer or hotels wanted to give it to
me like others are doing, than I might consider it. Otherwise it is not
for me.

Haven’t watched the Ellen show that much, but it was one of the only
things on the DirectTV on Frontier Airlines. It was pretty funny and
enjoyable. Definitely worth watching.

That is it for now. More later…

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