Woods – Sabbatini Still Frosty

Tiger Woods is still not happy that Sabbatini pulled out of the last round of Target World Challenge last year.  The crazy thing is that he still collected  his $170,000.
To make matters worse for Sabbatini is that Tiger does not want him back.  In fact, they have gone to the lengths to say that if he qualifies, he should turn down his invitation.

From the Golf Channel’s Brian Hewitt in a conversation with Greg McLaughlin, President of Tiger’s foundation, “he confirmed the dim view the tournament took of Sabbatini’s pullout, and he said, ‘if Sabbatini chose not to play in this year’s Target tournament officials would not be unhappy.”

For me, Sabbatini has ruined any chances of improving his reputation.  It is completely in the dumps and his offer of donating his check from the Target World Challenge to charity will do nothing to improve.

It will take a long time, if ever, for him to get his reputation back.

Thanks to AOL Sports for contributing to this post.

You can see my previous post on this subject, Rory Sabbatini show his true colors at Target World Challenge and another post on Sabbatini.

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