Nintendo Wii becoming fun & addictive

I have never played the Nintendo Wii before and in watching all the hype and discussions, I didn’t think that I would like it.
But after playing on my sister’s Wii this holiday, I am becoming a believer and see why it has become so popular.

I have played Wii Sports, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, and Big Brain Academy and I am enjoying it.  I am slowly getting Wii Sports, the Olympics.  They are fun and challenging, and the Big Brain Academy was just plain hard.

My wife has been playing with me and it is something that we are considering buying, just by this short exposure to it.  I think that this is something that our whole family can play together.  My four-year old daughter was even having fun playing Wii Golf with me.

I would like to know what you think, but I think that Nintendo has a winner here.  I just wish they would make more of them so I could get one tomorrow.

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