Crawford ordered attack on Moore according to reports

SADOWSKI: Crawford ordered attack on Moore according to reports : The Rocky Mountain News
According to a report by CBC, Marc Crawford ordered the attack on Steve Moore that ended his hockey career.  Bertuzzi cowardly attacked Moore from behind in a game where his Vancouver Canucks were losing badly to Moore’s Avalanche.

According to the reports, in between the second and third period, Crawford pointed to the white board and said “he must pay the price,” referring to Moore.  Crawford was upset by a legal hit Moore had on Markus Naslund.

According to the column in the Rocky Mountain News, “These words directing vigilante retaliation to be executed against Steve Moore went well beyond the earlier ‘calling-out’ in the media by (then-Canucks GM Brian) Burke and Crawford. Bertuzzi knew exactly what was expected of him by his superiors and the consequences to him if he did not deliver.”

Bertuzzi was suspended 13 games and the Stanley Cup Playoffs and was not allowed to play internationally during the NHL players strike.  He was reinstated the following the conclusion of the strike.  Moore has yet to play hockey again after suffering a severe concussion and broken neck.

In my opinion, Bertuzzi should never have been allowed to return to hockey.  NO suspension would have been severe enough.  He should have been banned.  You never do that to an opposing player, NEVER!  If Moore could not have played again, he shouldn’t.

With these reports now, Crawford should be banned from the sport also.  That is inexcusable for a coach to do that.  You never go out and try to intentionally hurt a player.  He should never be allowed to coach again.

When the Anaheim Ducks come into Pepsi Center the next time.  Crawford and Bertuzzi are not going to have a pleasant reception.  It is kinda ironic that they are back together again.  Two goons taking care of each other.

The NHL has done a dis-service to the wonderful game of hockey.  The only way to rectify it is to ban both Crawford and Bertuzzi for life!

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