Neumann Homes Problems Continue

Well Neumann Homes may be out of our neighborhood, The Village at Harmony Park in Westminster, Colo. They had to auction off their remaining inventory because they couldn’t move them in this real estate climate.
Problems continue in the sub-division with many homes that were bought on spec are remaining on the market. Our subdivision does not allow renters, so many of them were left out in the cold when the market crashed here in Colorado.

Also, there are many problems with the infrastructure. The sidewalks are cracking and are not sloped correctly. Also the concrete was not finished correctly and the top layers are flaking off. But according to Neumann, it is not their problem. They are blaming the concrete contractor, but they hired the contractor, so I don’t see the problem.

And now people elsewhere are having problems with Neumann Homes. In their Chatham Grove subdivision, in Aurora, Ill., they are also having problems. In an article in the describe many problems in the subdivision. It sounds familiar.

I think that Neumann Homes has been hit hard by the problems in the real estate market and they are struggling to keep moving forward and build out their subdivisions.

Overall, we are happy with the house. There has not been any structural problems and the designs of the homes are some of the best I have seen on the market. But their customer service has not real great and some of the concrete work was horrible.

3 Replies to “Neumann Homes Problems Continue”

  1. I think they are very much in trouble. Pulled out of Michigan–where they had invested hundreds of millions in the purchase of Tadian Homes only to have that go poof. Tadian is now suing them. Pulling out of Colorado. Auctioning property. Consolidating their Wisconsin and Illinois business. Down to a skeleton crew. I will not be surprised if they leave many people between a rock and a hard place. Imagine putting down your life savings for your dream house only to have the builder go out of business. You’d likely still get you home built, but a court would have to allow another builder to take over the community, and meanwhile you’re in escrow limbo hell.


  2. I can tell you that this company will not be around for too long. They have had horrible employee turnover for years and that is represented in thier product. As recently made public in a variety of news articles, they sue and get sued all the time for a whole host of different conflicts…indictitive of the company’s poor company “culture”.
    I’d steer clear of Neumann Homes altogehter.


  3. Neumann now officaially going under….as I predicted earlier. They are the first large builder to falter in this market for reason, they had poor customer service and were heavy handed in their business dealings all around.
    I can only hope that your house was a good one and that you do not need any warrenty service repairs…..


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