U.S. Urges China to Help Curb Violence in Burma, Prepare for Transition

U.S. Urges China to Help Curb Violence in Burma, Prepare for Transition – washingtonpost.com
This is an extremely said situation. The government is cracking down on monks? They are using guns and killing an unknown number of people. But even though people are dying, the peaceful protests seem to be working. In this article in the Washington Post, they discuss that division level commanders are refusing to participate in the crackdown.

Source: appears on Washington Post

The Myanmar government has arrested monks they accuse of leading the protests, they are denying them access to their religous sites, they are killing indiscriminately, and they are raiding hotels and areas where they suspect people are filming the protests and the crackdowns. They have also shut down the Internet, the main method to get information out of the country.

The hardest thing watching the coverage today showing a crackdown of a protest and the video shows a soldier walking up to a Japanese news photographer and they killed him right there in cold blood. I don’t know how anyone can do this and not be held accountable. The wrath of the world governments need to come down on this country and hold them accountable.

These are people who are protesting peacefully and are being met with guns and clubs. The one thing for sure is that peace will overcome and the people with the guns are and will lose power soon. But in the meantime, too many people will die.

A country that wields power over the Myanmar government is the Chinese. But as of now they are not doing anything to develop a solution and prevent the killings. Go figure. Not wanting to stop killing? As much as they want to be a world power, they don’t have the balls to treat anyone well and put down anyone they can.

This is going to take a broad-spectrum push from numerous countries, but because Myanmar is so isolated already, it will take some time unless China steps in. I don’t see that happen for a while.

Right now, lets have peace in Myanmar and the horrible government gone.

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