Fox strikes deal for free shows on iTunes | One More Thing – CNET

Fox strikes deal for free shows on iTunes | One More Thing – CNET
I like this trend, but I don’t think that ABC and NBC are going about it correctly. They are doing it with their own DRM and only from their website and ignoring the number one video player in the business, the iPod.

By involving the iPod, Fox will get large distribution that will hopefully turn into more viewers. But, the studios and advertisers don’t pay attention to people who download shows or record them on their DVR.

Jon Leland of Media Mall has a good comparison on his post about this subject.  “NBC ‘s shows expire after one week and are loaded with commercials.  Fox + iTunes  have  no commercials and  you can keep them as long as you like.”

Look at what happened to Studio 60. A large audience did not watch it live. But it was one of the most recorded shows on DVR’s and downloaded on iTunes. But they canceled it.

I would have liked the studio with the rights to try and make a go at it on cable or over the internet through a website or through iTunes. But current mentality is to try and limit all this. Doing that for Studio 60 would have hurt the industry in their eyes.

I hope we start to see a change for more distribution of television shows on iTunes. I have Back to You and ’til Death recorded and I am looking at downloading them to my computer.

I also hope that they start monitoring and getting better numbers on how people watch the shows and add that to a shows viewership. To see a show canceled because they don’t count that is sad. I want my Studio 60.

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