NBC Doesn’t Get it, Pulls Videos from iTunes

I’ll just say that NBC has lost a fan. NBC used to be on the top. It had the ratings and the best shows, but now they will be relegated to one of the lower tier networks.
They were already losing viewers and the only thing that was keeping them and some of their shows alive was iTunes. iTunes saved The Office and was allowing it to get revenue and prop up shows.

But they got greedy. For some reason they wanted to double what they charged on the iTunes music store. They have now left Apple and have gone over to Amazon’s Unbox. What, is that really a service? LOL. They will sell shows for the same price on Unbox, but will sell a lot less than they did on iTunes. No one uses the Unbox service and NBC will see a big drop in their revenue from selling videos.

As I have seen on many blogs and comments on blogs, people will go find it on the Internet and bypass the Unbox service. All NBC will do is whine that there content is being stolen, but nothing will happen and their viewership is going to go down.

When you abandon a service that has 80% of the market, whether that is good or bad, you can’t ignore them and that is what NBC is doing.

I think that we are seeing the fall of one of the greats in broadcast television. Unless they come crawling back to Apple sometime soon. Which I think will happen soon.

See the Webware blog: NBC says goodbye to Apple, hello to Amazon

See the Wall Street Journal story: Amazon’s Unbox to Sell NBC Shows

This whole falling out makes this ad by Apple on NBC Universal shows available on iTunes pretty funny.

One Reply to “NBC Doesn’t Get it, Pulls Videos from iTunes”

  1. Well, I tried to put a link into Amazon’s Unbox and I couldn’t get the site to come up at all. I think this is a sign of things to come. Bad service, bad sites, and a failed plan by NBC.


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