Umpires Screw the Rockies Against the Dodgers

The umpires sure screwed the Colorado Rockies this evening.  Must be the home cooking in Dodger Stadium.
Matt Holliday hit a drive to the wall in right-center field and it went off the glove of the right fielder, hit the wall, and then was caught.

It should have been a double for Holliday, but the umpires gathered and the home plate umpire, Tim Welke, over-ruled the second-base umpire, Mike Everitt, on the call and called him out.

How in the hell can an umpire standing 400 feet from the play see the play better than than the umpire who ran out and was about 100 feet from the play?

Once the ball hit the wall, it was in play and Holliday should have had his double.  He was robbed.

I am all for the umpires getting together to get the call right, but this was bad and was bad umpiring mechanics.  I know umpires are human and make mistakes, but this was horrible.

I hope that Major League Baseball deals with this situation and punishes the umpires.  The Rockies and the Dodgers are fighting for the playoffs and the umpires shouldn’t determine the outcome.  The players should.

Come on Major League Baseball, fix the problem and make the umpires follow the mechanics that they are supposed to follow.  An umpire standing that far away cannot see the play better than the one who is there and supposed to make the call.

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