Trying Opera Again, but maybe not for long

Well I am trying Opera again after continuously having problems with it in earlier versions, especially with WordPress which I use to manage this blog.
I am hoping the upgrade to 9.22 will improve how it works and how the webpages I view are displayed.

I know that Opera is a true browser and uses standards to display everything appropriately and that it is the web programmers fault for not developing to the standards.

Well, if I can’t read the websites that I want, then why should I use it.

Someone convince me.


  1. Well I tried it and it screwed up in WordPress. What happens is that in the form where I enter my post, it does not recognize that it needs to wrap and doesn’t.
    So when I click post, it doesn’t wrap and runs across my other information in my sidebars.
    Right now, Opera is worthless to manage my WordPress blog.


  2. I’m having this same problem… Lot’s of commetns in WP support about how this is a “known issue” with Opera, but no solution offered….


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