Rockies vidicated by Major League Baseball

During the Colorado Rockies last road trip through Pittsburgh, the official scorer made some horrible mistakes.  Well Major League Baseball has corrected those mistakes.
On a bunt to Taylor Buchholz through a high throw to first baseman  Todd Helton causing Todd to come of the base.  For some idiotic reason the official scorer ruled that it was an error on Helton.  It should have been an error on Buchholz.

Well Major League Baseball agreed changing the error to Buchholz from Helton.

The second blunder came with LaTroy Hawkins pitching.

A batter hit a hard shot and it ate up Helton and the umpire ruled the feed to Hawkins was not in time. (It doesn’t matter that replays showed that they beat the runner and the umpire blew it.)  Well the stupid official scorer ruled this another error on Helton.

Major League Baseball fixed this one also ruling that it was a hit, taking an error away from the Rockies.

The official scorer made things worse through this whole thing by refusing to speak with the Rockies manager or reverse his calls.  He was being stubborn and an idiot.  Official scorers hold the integrity of the game and stat keeping for major league baseball.  They should work to get it right, not treat the visiting team as clowns.

You can read about in the First Pitch column in todays Rocky Mountain News.

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