Why can’t ABC broadcast British Open in HD?

ABC usually does a wonderful job in covering the British Open, but this year they have lost the lead to TNT.  One of the main reasons is that they are not broadcasting the coverage in HD.
TNT has covered the British Open, or Open Championship as it is called everywhere else, in full HD in the correct aspect ratio for the first two rounds.  But ABC has picked up coverage for the weekend and they are broadcasting the Open in the traditional 16:9.

In sports coverage these days, why can’t ABC broadcast the Open in full HD.  If TNT is doing it, ABC certainly can.  They broadcast other sporting events in HD and their sister network ESPN does almost all HD broadcast these days.

CBS and NBC are broadcasting all golf events in HD these days.  NBC even broadcast the celebrity event in Lake Tahoe in HD.

If ABC wants to play with the big boys, they need to broadcast all their events in HD.  Get with the times ABC.

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