Air Conditioning – Money Sinks

I just want to say what a rip-off air conditioners can be.
We installed an air conditioner last year for about $3,000 to $4,000 and it worked ok for the first summer. But when we fired it up this summer, it was not working.

Well I couldn’t get the company that installed our air conditioner, Heat Exchange, to come out for two weeks. We found Applewood Plumbing, Heading & Electric to come out within a couple days.

Well the problem ended up being a leak in the refrigerant line, specifically a valve. Well, Heat Exchange would have fixed it for a charge. There warranty had run out after a year. Be ware of the warranty from Heat Exchange. They are a lot shorter than others out there.

Because Applewood could get out sooner and did a good job, even though it was expensive, they will get our business in the future. The reason is that they service guy was real nice, he laid everything out, and was able to get it done in a timely fashion.

My wife and I are upset with Heat Exchange. We have bought two systems from them in the last 7 years but they only warranty the system for 1 year. Give me a break. They should warranty their works for at least 2 years and maybe 5 years. We are out $2,000 because of their shotty work and parts and because it was under warranty for a year.

Applewood gives 5 years of warranty service for new systems that they install and 2 years of repair work. So now we have 2 years, a year longer than the original construction, for replacing a valve.

Come on Heat Exchange, provide better service for your loyal customers.

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