Major League Baseball Too Restrictive In Broadcast of Games

I am a subscriber of the Premium MLB.TV. This is an online service that allows you to watch any MLB game on the Internet at 700k.
But MLB blacks-out your local market games, so for me I am unable to watch the Colorado Rockies games.

The only problem is that I am in Washington, D.C., on business travel. So I can’t watch the live broadcast as MLB and the Rockies would like.

It would be nice if I am traveling that I would be able to watch the game. I guess next year I won’t give MLB their money and I will put it towards a Slingbox.

But the problem with that is MLB is trying to stop Sling Media (the company that developed the Slingbox) from doing that. For those of you who don’t know, Slingbox shifts your TV signal to your computer, no matter where you are.

MLB contends that Sling Media is illegally moving their content around. Broadcast companies spend a lot of money for the broadcast rights in a city. So since I live in Denver, Colo., Fox Sports Rocky Mountain has spent a lot of money to broadcast games there. But I am in DC and Major League Baseball wants me to watch the media outlet that has paid for the rights here.

But the problem is that I want to watch the Colorado Rockies, not the Washington Nationals, it is besides the point that I was at the National’s game tonight.

“If I want to watch the (Los Angeles) Dodgers (from San Francisco), an MLB.TV subscription will provide out-of-market games. What the Slingbox does is (give) me access to my local in-market team, my San Francisco Giants, which is what MLB.TV does not provide me when I’m in San Francisco (due to local blackout rules),” said Sling Media CEO Blake Krikorian. “It’s the reason we created the Slingbox.” (From CNET, “MLB aims brushback pitch at Slingbox

Major League Baseball just doesn’t get it. They are limiting my ability to follow my home team by blocking online video and trying to limit other sources by blocking people watching their own TV. They are just cutting off the hand that feeds them.

The music industry has been fighting this battle and now they are giving up. Maybe MLB will soon get it that the more they make their product available on different platforms and not restrict people from watching games then they will earn a greater revenue for their product.

Go Rockies!

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