Rosie is an idiot

Yesterday on The View Rosie O’Donnell took a conversation that was very interesting and engaging, something that does not happen much on The View, and made it mean and attacked Elizabeth Hasselback. She was attacking Elizabeth for not defending her. There are people every day defending her right to say her idiotic things and she never backs them and she attacks them whenever she gets the chance, and that is our military.
Rosie-what is happening in Iraq to the people of Iraq and our troops is stupid, clan warfare that has been going on for centuries with a little opportunistic terrorism thrown in because our troops are being proactive and fighting terrorism. The only reason why this wasn’t happening before in this country was that people were in fear of Saddam Hussein.

The Iraqi people who are causing this clan warfare need to get with the 21st Century and learn that you can’t get anywhere by blowing people up or killing them just because they are a different religion or clan than yourself. Many Iraqis were happy when we came over there and removed Saddam from power.

He was a madman who was killing whole cultures and driving his country into the ground. But than instead of trying to move forward, they started trying to get even for years of tyranny and that was not right.

The Iraqi government needs to be the solution here and if they can’t do it, a new government needs to be brought in. It is a tough job, but they have to do it. Otherwise the whole middle east is going to implode and there will be a new war.

You can watch the exchange with Rosie and Elizabeth here.

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