Imus Firing Wrong

Let me begin that I no way condone what Don Imus said. It is just plain wrong and insulting.
But, the backlash that has happened since those comments are plain wrong. He made a wrong, was suspended, and that should have been it.

The president of CBS had a meeting with Rev Al Sharpton and then promptly fired Imus. What I am wondering is what did Sharpton threaten him with?

This whole thing is so hypocritical. Black musicians who perform hip-hop and rap constantly say the same thing that Imus said and they are not critized, held responsible, or lose their job. They are raised up as heros doing something with their life. But Imus, a white baby boomer says the same thing and he is crucified.

They can’t have it both ways. If they are going after Imus this strong, they need to go after those musicians just as strong. But I doubt that will happen.

If Al Sharpton feels vindication, he should look himself in the mirro and step down from his position as a radio talkshow host. He tried and convicted the three Duke players who he felt were guilty. The problem is that there is no proof that this happened. In fact, it probably didn’t happened at all.

To me, Sharpton wants it both ways. As soon as someone attacks him and call him on his statements, he turns it into a race issue. It is not a race issue. It is an integrity issue.

There was a good discussion on Lou Dobbs show today on CNN. You can read more here.

Imus has done a lot of great things. CBS had the gall to fire him in the middle of a telethon for kids with cancer where he had raised almost half-a-million dollars. He also takes inner-city kids to his ranch. This is not a bad person. It is a person who made a mistake. Tell me one person here who hasn’t said the wrong thing?

Imus will work again. But CBS made a big mistake.

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