Bloggers and Online Users Need to Play Nice

There has been a lot of discussion and posts lately on threats and bad references on the blogs.  Particularly threatening were posts and comments to one blogger that she can canceled a presentation.
This has got to stuff.  When someone who posts something that threatens someone else, it is not protected speech.  Treating people like that is stupid and wrong.

I don’t know if we need to have a code of conduct, but we need to treat others on the Internet with respect.  We don’t need to be threatening other people.

If people insist on doing this, they need to be delink and not taken seriously in the blogging world.  People should feel safe to blog and surf the Interent.

I had some problems when I first launched this blog.  I was complaining about the service I was getting from UPS and some idiot was trying to threaten me down for stuff that he didn’t know.  People like that need to go away and get a life.  He was such a coward that he wouldn’t give his email or his real name.

You can’t threaten people to get what you want. It only emboldens them more to talk about the issues.

Use your words to defend or state your position, don’t use your words to threaten people.

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