Mac Geeks Go Crazy Over iPhone

Apple made a revolutionary announcement yesterday when Steve Jobs unveiled their iPhone. This phone is the best phone that has ever been designed and it is less than a 1/2 inch thick.
The user interface is amazing and incorporating a wide screen iPod that automatically switches between portrait and landscape is revolutionary. To be able to control the device with my finger and scroll through all the information is crazy. The multiple sensors that are in the phone that keep track of where it is and automatically turns off when it gets close to your fact to take a call.

The iPod part of is amazing. The scrolling with the finger and then clicking on the song or album that you want to listen to really improves the interface. The scroll wheel is now history.

The phone part of this device is crazy. I think the coolest option was in voicemail where you don’t have to listen through all your voicemail, you can just listen to the voicemail that you want in the order that you want.

For the internet surfing portion of the iPhone, the ability to surf the web in full and not reduced for the mobile device is the big draw for me. The widgets and maps are a great addition especially if the iPhone will interact with GPS.

One of the drawbacks on the phone will be fingerprints on the device. There were already fingerprints on the device from Steve Jobs’ presentation. A minor drawback is that is on Cingular. Cingular Wireless is one of the worst wireless companies out there and their EDGE service is a lot slower than EVDO.

Another negative is that the price points combined with only 4GB and 8GB of storage may be a limiting factor for people. But if you realize that you have a phone, iPod, and PDA in one device, it will be really cost-effective.

To read a good review of the iPhone, take a look at this Time article, “Apple’s New Calling: The iPhone“.

Also, something that hasn’t really been discussed or spoken about is that the trademark of iPhone is held by Cisco, but only in the United States. Apple holds the trademark outside the United States. Apparently they have been in negotiations, but that may have been broken down when Apple was sued today by Cisco for trademark violations as reported by the Mac User Blog. The Wall Street Journal also had an article today on the lawsuit, “Cisco Suit May Snag Apple’s iPhone Plans“.

David Pogue of the NY Times had a good column on the iPhone. He should know, he is one of the only people outside of Apple to spend considerable amount of time with the device. The article “Apple Waves Its Wand at the Phone“, summarizes the device better than those out there. He discusses many items that were not covered in the demo.

If I have some extra money, I will be looking at this device. It is amazing.

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