Moved to Squarespace

So I’ve moved my blog from WordPress to Squarespace. It was easy to move over. The most difficult part was getting the DNS changed with my hosting provider.

I’m looking forward to the change and blogging more.


WordPress 3.1

I just updated this blog to WordPress 3.1 and it is really nice. The update was smooth and I had no problems.
One of the coolest things is the new admin bar. This bar is similar to the bar that you see on sites but now it is on self-hosted sites. It really adds something to your browsing experience and managing your blog.

If you have WordPress, make sure you update to the latest version. If you are using something different, consider moving over to WordPress. It’s a great platform.

WordPress 3.0 is working well

I have been using WordPress 3.0 over the weekend and things are working quite well. I am really enjoying it. The bulk changes, the management, and flexibility are working great.
One of the best things I like is the new default template. It is one of the best templates that I have found with WordPress. It is nice looking, extremely flexible, and robust.

WordPress 3.0 is wonderful

I just upgraded to WordPress 3.0 “Thelonious” and I have to say it is a great upgrade. I haven’t had any problems and the default theme Twenty Ten is just wonderful.
If you are just upgrading your install, you will need to use the theme uploader to install twenty ten, but it is worth it. It puts many of the themes out there to shame. It is what I’ve been looking for.

If you are normally slow to upgrade, don’t worry. Things tend to be working great.

Twitter Tools 2.1.1 is now out

I just love Twitter Tools. This WordPress plugin updates my Twitter feed when I add a new post to my Blog, this account you are reading. It has now been updated with version 2.1.1.
I was having a problem when I would add a post or save a draft Twitter Tools would cause an error. I would then have to go in and then edit the page in order for it to post.

Some people did some trouble shooting and found out that Twitter Tools was causing the problem.

Congrats to Alex King and his staff for getting this fixed and updated. It’s a great plugin.

Problem with Posts Failing in WordPress

I have a problem when I am posting new posts in WordPress. Ever since I upgraded to WordPress 2.9, whenever I try to add a new post it fails. Luckily I had auto-save going.
I then would go in and edit the post and publish it and everything would work fine.

It just got quite frustrating doing this every single time I posted.

I didn’t have any luck on the WP Forums, but found a great post on about the issue. WordPress: Your attempt to edit this post has failed described my problem to the letter and had a possible fix. I did the fix and I am not having any problems right now. It works great.

The only issue now is that auto-save is disabled.

I hope someone can find the fix and I can turn autosave back on.

Liking the WordPress Blackberry Application

I just downloaded and began use a new application for my Blackberry, the WordPress Blackberry App.
With this application, you can update posts, write new posts, moderate comments, edit and post new pages, and more.

This application is much better than anything that is out there. Before I would have to send an email or fight through the website on my mobile device. But now I have an app that is developed for my phone. Something that is much easier to use.

It is still in Beta, but it is really stable and I enjoy it. Check it out.