Colorado Congressional Delegation shouldn’t take Army for granted over Piñon Canyon

In today’s edition of the Denver Post Representative Mike Coffman nailed it when he said that Democrats in the Colorado delegation are taking the U.S. Army for granted.
In the article, GOP lawmaker raises stakes in Piñon battle, Coffman states that “the legislation being prepared by Colorado Democrats to permanently prohibit the expansion of the Army’s Piñon Canyon training area would severely undermine the future of Fort Carson, setting off a devastating economic ripple effect in the southern part of the state.”

What people, especially Congress, doesn’t fully understand is that U.S. Army and the military is a tremendous economic force and driver in southern Colorado and throughout the state. Do people really believe that if Fort Carson is no longer, will Peterson Air Force Base remain? The two are dependent on each other.

If you don’t think so, look what happened to the miliary in the San Francisco-Bay Area. Continue reading “Colorado Congressional Delegation shouldn’t take Army for granted over Piñon Canyon”

How the Democrats are liars and blocked John McCain’s attempts of reform and regulation at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

It is amazing to me that the Democrats are lying about their involvement in the failure of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Yes lying!
In the following clip, you can see Maxine Waters, Barney Frank, and other democrats attacking the regulator who exposed the “cooking of the books” by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac leadership.  

You have Barney Frank saying that he doesn’t see a problem and no need to see any new regulations.

You have Maxine Water saying that the GSE’s are working and that they should continue to give 100 percent loans.

Here is a quote from Rep Gregory Meeks (D-New York) during the hearing.

“They’ve done a tremendous job. There’s been nothing that was indicated that’s wrong with Fannie Mae. Freddie Mac has come up on its own. And the question that then presents is the competence that your agency has with reference to deciding and regulating these GSEs [government-sponsored enterprises]. And so I wish I could sit here and say that I am not upset with you but I am very upset because you know what you do is give, maybe giving a reason to, as Mr. Gonazlez said, to give someone a heart surgery when they don’t need it.”

And you have Republicans raising the flag and saying that there needs to be more regulation.  Take a look for yourself. Continue reading “How the Democrats are liars and blocked John McCain’s attempts of reform and regulation at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac”

A great op-ed piece from David Gergen, A Deepening Leadership Crisis

A Deepening Leadership Crisis – David Gergen
This is a really insightful post of the lack of trust amongst the leadership of our country today.  Not only a trust in our President, but trust in the leadership of all levels of government and most of the private sector.

Where will our next great leader come from?  Is it one of the candidates running for President? Is there someone else out there?

We need a great leader to come forward.  I hope they come soon, because we definitely need it.