Great Story on Zappos on ABC Nightline

Heard about a profile on Zappos last night on Nightline on Twitter from the CEO so I decided to check it out today on the web. I can’t stay up that late to watch Nightline these days.
It was a great profile of a great company.  They are doing a lot of great things and their employees really enjoy what they do.  It looks like a fun atmosphere.

I came to learn of Zappos when I was going through the Denver International Airport and they had advertising in the plastic bins that one would put their personal belongings in to go through security.  I questioned it at the time, but I now think it is brilliant.  They have a captive office.

Congrats to all you Zappos employees out there.  I have learned more about your company by watching this piece and following your CEO on Twitter.  You should all be excited to work there.  You have earned a new customer.

Twitter hiccups through a semi-outage

Twitter hiccups through a semi-outage | Webware
Well I have been having problems with Twitter also. I am only getting updates from people who I have added recently. If I have been following someone for quite some time, no updates.

At least they are working on this, but it is quite frustrating. Every time that Twitter does some sort of update or change, it really messes up. You would think that they would test these things out before rolling them out to the production servers.

I would transition completely to Pownce, but the community is not there yet. If the community builds there, then I may move completely that way. Otherwise I am stuck with a service that is not quite there yet.

Let’s hope this comes back quick because I miss my Twitter updates.

Pownce releases mobile version, maybe it will stem the downward turn

For those of you out there who have a mobile device and use Pownce has a mobile version. Just go to
It is still in Beta, so report any bugs. It still needs some work, but at least the folks at Pownce are developing one.

Thanks to my friend Chris who ran a trend on Google comparing Twitter vs Pownce. It is pretty interesting.

I had asked a question on Twitter asking about if anyone used Pownce anymore. What I was finding that in following the same people on Pownce and Twitter, they made more posts on Twitter than on Pownce.

According to Google Trends, Twitter is steady or rising, while Pownce is slowly declining.

I would be interested in your take on things. Let me know through a comment here.


Well I am trying Twitter to see how it works.
I have resisted it so far, but the ease it provides to publish quick thoughts and rambles makes it easy to use.

I am still going back and forth trying to decide if Twitter or Pownce is better, but for now, it is Twitter. Who knows, I might use both.

I have installed Twitter Tools by Alex King and will be using that. It looks the most functional and provides the best services.

Let me know what you think and let me know if you prefer Twitter or Pownce and why.