What does this photo say about our country today?

20120820-170825.jpgThis photo epitomizes how stupid our country is becoming. People need to figure out things on their own, they don’t need to be told how to do everything.

If we become more dependent on others to tell us how to do things, then the dumbing down of our country will continue.

If you don’t know how to do done thing, experiment with it until you get it to work. Do something for yourself and solve your own problems.

Undefeated Youth Football Team Banned From Playoffs – WDAF

Undefeated Youth Football Team Banned From Playoffs – WDAF.
This is just horrendous.


After going undefeated (6-0) and getting ready for the playoffs the coaches received a message from the league saying they weren’t invited to the playoffs because the other teams thought they were too good and they couldn’t compete.

This isn’t teaching the kids anything. In fact, it’s teaching them that if they are good, they can’t go forward. It’s teaching them to be mediocre.

This society needs to realize that giving everyone a medal or keeping kids out because they are too good is just wrong. People need to learn how to lose and these parents who run this league are teaching kids the wrong thing.

This kids worked their tails off during the season and should be allowed to play in the playoffs. They played by the rules and should be allowed to play. Keeping them out is just wrong.

Kudos to the other teams for inviting them to play additional games and the great attitudes of their coaches.

Joking students called on the carpet, The Monthly Bag deemed threatening

Joking students called on the carpet – The Denver Post
The students, staff, and leadership at Colorado College need to get a clue, a life, and a sense of humor. The students who wrote “The Monthly Bag” were just trying to raise awareness and do a parody of a publication, “The Monthly Rag.”

“The Monthly Rag” is a feminist publication by the feminist and gender studies program at Colorado College had a discussion on feminist pornography, information on gender-bending practices, and a tidbit about a myth involving male castration.

“The Monthly Bag” was the parody publication that discussed chainsaw etiquette, different sexual positions from Men’s Health Magazine, and trivia about a sniper rifle. Staff from Colorado College started removing copies of the “The Monthly Bag” soon after it was published because the received reports that it was threatening. Continue reading “Joking students called on the carpet, The Monthly Bag deemed threatening”