Rules, we need rules…

I play in a coed softball league and the lack of professionalism of the umpires just gets me upset.
Our softball league is pretty relaxed.  For most of us, we want to go out there and have fun.  For the most part we follow general softball rules, but we have instituted a few of our own to help balance things out.

One of those rules caused me to have a disagreement with the umpire.  If you walk a male in our coed league, they get to go to second base.  Easy, right?

Well in this instance, the male walked and he went to second base.  But he did one thing that I think you are supposed to do, touch first base.  So once he went to first base, I had the pitcher appeal to first base to get the out.

Well the umpire didn’t see it that way.  He told me he was safe and that they player didn’t have to touch first base. WHAT!

Excuse me.  As you go around the bases, you are supposed to touch all the bases.  You don’t get to “skip one.  Well he wasn’t going for it and despite my arguing, he told me he would say that he is safe.

So, the umpires are lazy and don’t follow the rules.  Am I wrong to expect that the rules be followed?  It is not that hard to touch first base.

What are your thoughts?

Snow, freezing temperatures tonight, Tuesday

Snow, freezing temperatures tonight, Tuesday : The Rocky Mountain News
Tell me about it. I was playing softball and the umpire didn’t stop the game and made us stand out there and freeze. I thought we were going to kill ourselves.

It was so dark we could barely see the ball, the wind was blowing so it was tough to catch the balls that you could see, the bases were so slippery and covered with mud – if you could find the bag you will kill yourself when you slipped on it, and it was so cold and wet that you couldn’t grip the bat.

Well we lost and now I am wet, cold, and miserable.

I am ready to crawl into bed and just get warm. I need something warm to drink.